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Remodeling planning in san jose


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Home Remodeling in Bay Area

Over the years, we have thousands of complete projects on exclusive home remodeling in Bay Area. We have a great commitment to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with modern appliance installations, and repair. Moreover, we have in-depth experience in the custom home expansion, architectural designs, custom tiles, bathroom renovations, ceramic and granite countertops and so much more. Consequently, your home transforms into a modern, state-of-the-art living area. In fact, we are the perfect, and leading home remodeling company in Bay Area, for your residential indoor and outdoor projects.  

Remodeling in San Jose

Kitchen Design


Remodeling in San Jose

Kitchen Design in Bay Area

Certainly, the kitchen is the little heaven in a home. It is where we spend most of the time preparing meals or entertaining guests with various cuisines. At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling, this is where we shine best. Most noteworthy, we are experts in;

  • High-profile kitchen design.
  • Customs site and factory counter and cabinet building.
  • Countertops
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile installations etc.

We have a wide area of specialty in home kitchen design in Bay Area. When you are looking for a renovation or kitchen upgrade, choose Morris and Sons Home Remodeling Bay Area.

Remodeling in San Jose

Bathroom Design in Bay Area

At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling, we work to satisfy our client’s needs by facilitating their ideas into expanding, upgrading, renovating and remodeling their bathrooms. We have various options that offer extensive luxury for both modern and traditional bathroom design in Bay Area. Below, are some of our bathroom design remodels;

  • Overall bathroom design.
  • Custom bathroom countertops and cabinets.
  • Framed and frameless shower enclosures
  • Ceramic, porcelain and custom tile installations.
  • Steam shower units and bathroom saunas and so much more.

Each of our bathroom design renovation or upgrade project should turn your bathroom into a luxurious experience. We include your ideas to ensure that the additions and upgrades match your needs, preference, and choices. Moreover, complementing on your overall home design.


& Spas

Remodeling in San Jose

Pools & Spas remodeling in Bay Area

Are you looking to facelift your home pools and spas? Certainly, you do not want to live with an old pool and/Spa anymore, at Morris and Sons Home Remodeling, we offer the best pools and spas remodeling in Bay Area services. We focus on face-lifting your pools with custom lightings, waterfalls, and fountains, rock features, and other special features that create a resort of a kind in your backyard.

Make the most of your pool through re-plastering, updating worn-out tiles with natural stones, slates, decor and glass tiles. Below are some of our services on Pools and Spas design in Bay Area;

  • Pool equipment replacement, repair, and upgrades.
  • Pool resurfacing
  • Custom color lighting
  • Automating your pools and/or Spas.
  • Concrete coloring, sealing, and replacement. And so much more.
Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Landscape Design in Bay Area

At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling, we focus on transforming you’re outdoor into a getaway perfectly geared to your lifestyle. Over the years, our technicians have gained exclusive training, skills, and experience to integrate decking, landscapes, pavilions and accessories into your living spaces. Even more, we add life to your outdoor backyards by building custom kitchens, fireplaces, landscaping, stone works, Spas and other decorative works. Most noteworthy, we also design your front yard and backyard lawns to suit the beauty of your home.

Home Remodeling in Bay Area

Morris and Sons Home Remodeling focus on transforming your home into a dream come true living space. Certainly, home remodeling is an extensive process that requires exclusive skill and craftsmanship. We have great attention to detail in updating kitchens to modern designs, replacing windows, sidings, bathroom designs, interior and exterior landscape designs and so much more.

All this is in an effort to revolutionize the look and functionality of your home. Consequently, we optimize the space, features, and design of your home with material, textures, additions, and colors to increase the value of your home. Contact us today for home remodeling in Bay Area. We have the most innovative, modern improvement ideas that upgrade the exterior and interior of your home.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Interior &

Interior & Exterior Design in Bay Area

Are you looking forward to doing a home makeover both from the interior and exterior? Look no further than Morris and Sons Home Remodeling Bay Area. We are a leading company in ultimate home remodeling to improve on home curb appeal while providing ultimate protection. For the exterior, we focus on Entry and Patio doors, Window replacement, Siding repair and installation, Roofing and so much more.

Additionally, transform your interior into a heaven with the best interior remodeling needs. These include bathrooms, attics, entertainment rooms, basements and other areas within your house. We offer a great commitment to incorporating you remodel ideas, combine them with our skills to offer creative solutions for your interior and exterior. Being an award-winner in Home Remodeling, we are the perfect fit for interior and exterior design in Bay Area.

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