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Home upgrades are common. Most of the time, you are either upgrading due to functionality or aesthetic reasons. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, a great deal of thought should go into the fine aspects to stay within the budget. The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home because people gather to talk and eat and because of that, remodeling it could give your home that extra spice to invigorate it even more. At John and Sons Home Remodeling Bay Area, we are the best company for kitchen remodeling in Bay area. We make sure that clients get the best value in the remodeling aspects of their home such as the kitchen.

Remodeling the kitchen is actually according to a home owner’s priorities, choices or preferences. While some clients might only need new cabinet and fixture fittings, others need a complete overhaul of the kitchen. Since the kitchen is such a sacred part of the home, we ensure that we only have professionals on the team. Those who have the skills and expertise, and the experience which all-in-all means they can handle the project really well. Also, that they have seen all the challenges that come with the job and solve them beforehand.

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When it comes to visual assistants, there is nothing that tops the use of 3D. This technology allows you to view the structure of concern in all three dimensions. You get to see it in the x-y-z planes. Even better are the 3D simulations. This way, you get to assess the structure and appearance of your home before construction. With 3D home design, it is easy to make models that show the exact location and size of any component. Therefore. The use of technology in assessing homes before the construction starts is vital. It saves money that could have otherwise been wasted on the wrong construction


Let our experts create multiple designs to choose from. At John & Sons Home Remodeling, we invest in modern technology that helps us satisfy our clients better. With the 3D home design software, we install and the highly trained and experienced designers, you can trust us to actualize your idea. We have the best running software for concrete and metal work. Therefore, we are able to present a viable 3D home design to the client.

Our designers work closely with our architects to ensure that all structures designed adhere to rules. Additionally, with calculators and highly qualified engineers at our company, you get to see your home before it is built.


With the right software, you can easily design your dream home. One of the most common advantages of working with John & Sons Home Remodeling is their application of the 3D home architect app for designing homes. With advanced design tools, you can design a home in which you can view all features from the comfort of your seat.

The use of this tool for our designs has seen us attract a huge clientele of happy and satisfied customers. Our app has many 3D home design components including pieces of furniture. Therefore, when you are done with the model, you have an idea of the interior décor of your dream home.


Are you a real estate agent looking to boost your sales while moving less across the country? Are you looking to buy a home and only visit the site hoping to find something you will like? There is a simple and affordable solution for you. If you want to create an online portfolio of your houses in the market, then the 3D home tour is your best alternative. With a good and impeccable model, you take convenience for your clients to a whole new level.

Making a 3D home tour can be hard, especially without the appropriate software and cameras. When you want high-resolution perfect matches for the houses on sale, the call for an expert from John & Sons Home Remodeling. We have the latest technologies and equipment to create the best 3D Home Design & tour for you.


Most architects take a lot of time creating blueprints that most prospective homeowners do not understand. To make it easier for them, John & Sons Home Remodeling has incorporated modern technology in creating a home plan in 3D. With the use of latest programs, we are able to create floor and wall plans. We can easily create beautiful models that depict every aspect of your future home. Do not go into a construction blindly. Consult one of our 3D home design experts to help you see the shape, design, and size of the home you want in better form.


Most architectural designers use 3D software to create models of buildings. However, it is not enough to create a model. You need to use the latest upgrades of a software. This way, you get to factor in all conditions in which the construction is to take place. Since such upgrades are exclusive, hiring a legitimate architectural and construction company is a wise decision.

At John & Sons Home Remodeling, we invest in making your work easier and investments worth it. For this reason, we have expert 3D home designers who will design a home and test it for its safety. All factors included, you have to work with us to get the best.


3D models are the mathematical representation of any surface of a structure. With a good model, you can get to assess the state of your prospected building without trouble. They help the designer and the clients to visualize the structures before construction begins. Additionally, they make drawing and accuracy improve. With a 3D model, designers and architects can see flaws they would have easily forgone in a 2D model. Since the 3D models are easier to use, you eliminate duplication errors, consequently, spend less time on the designs.

At John & Sons Home Remodeling, we believe that the use of technology in the construction industry is a step in the right direction. That is why we proudly incorporate it into our 3D home design service delivery. As our client, you then experience better and faster services of design and buying or selling houses.