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Small Bathroom Remodeling

Many people in America have small bathrooms because of the sizes of their homes or apartments. Remodeling a small, dull and cramped bathroom can make it seem more elegant and make it a lot easier to clean thus keeping everything in place. In a small bathroom, you can throw around a few ideas such as moving the sinks to the corners to prevent any disruption of traffic in an already small bathroom. You can also strategically place vanities so as to free up some space for smaller items and generally help make the room look bigger. In places where there is simply no space for a bathtub and a shower, Bathroom remodeling in the Bay Area can help to make space for a shower tub. Certainly, it is functional and handy because some tubs settle in at about 60 inches in length.

Bath remodel & Design

Remodeling the bathroom might need for the homeowner to change up the bathroom designs to accommodate all the new fixtures and fittings. You might have a few ideas on what you would love to see come to fruition but lack the necessary skills to do so. At John and Sons Home Remodeling Bay Area, we ensure that all our client’s dreams come to life. We are able to get your details and transform them into complete schematics and floor plans that other contractors will actually use to build you the bathroom of your dreams. Further, we ensure that your bath requirements have been taken into account and we shall complete the project per requirements.

Shower Remodeling

Some homeowners can decide to remodel their bathrooms and change up some aspects of it. Others decide to remove the bathtub and install a spacious shower. At the most basic level, the one piece shower is leak proof and the end result is simply divine. You can decide to spice things up and add a glass partition between the shower and the toilet bowl to maintain a degree of privacy.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Bay Area

If you are looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor in the bay area, then look no further than at John and Sons Home Remodeling Bay Area. Undoubtedly, you can be sure that you are dealing with highly trained professionals who can handle all matters of bathroom remodeling in the Bay Area. We handle all aspects of the project, we shall stake the reputation of our firm on the job our technicians perform. Most importantly, we will take care of the initial designs all through to the towel bar fitting on the wall. As professionals, we also work within your budgets and schedules while also making sure to give a truly high-quality product at the end of all of it.