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Imagine an age of civilization without concrete. Well, it must be hard. However, with concrete as the central element of modern society, there are many benefits people are ripping from it. For instance, all construction projects use concrete in one way or another. Concrete is advancing because it is strong, therefore, it provides a safe and warm environment for working. Additionally, it beautifies homes and yards. Most importantly, concrete is made of some of the most abundant earth’s components without toxins. Hence, it is not only cheaper but also environment-friendly. John & Sons Home Remodeling are the best concrete contractors in the industry. As such, we know the do’s and don’t’s when dealing with concrete. With our unbeatable services, you can be sure to receive quality. These services include:

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 If you want a face uplift for your home or company, you reach out to concrete contractors for help. To determine a good concrete contractor, there are a few things to keep an eye for. These include;

Experience level

Highly experienced concrete contractors is bound to make very few mistakes. Since you want your structure to be safe for your employees and family, always go for the one with experience. Be careful to choose quality over quantity.

No sales pressure

If you want a small patch up job done, you need to work with a contractor who does not force new sales on you. This way, you can concentrate on the task at hand in peace.

Good prices

Always go for the contractor whose deal is pocket-friendly. At John & Sons Home Remodeling, we are all the above and more making us the best concrete contractors.


The cost of concrete countertops depends majorly on the involvement of professionals and the level of personalization you want. Concrete countertops infuse a rustic yet industrial feel in your home, which is both trendy and unfussy. Installing concrete countertops has its share of pros and cons. First and foremost, concrete is durable. The strength of the cement and sand mixture is quite high. However, it is prone to crack, especially when poured rather than precast.

Thankfully, cracks can be fixed. Since the fractures are unnoticeable, they are quite easy to repair. On the contrary, concrete scratch and stain easily. Since it is a porous substance, it can absorb liquids and even bacteria. However, by sealing the surface after installation, you can easily prevent such problems.


You need to treat your concrete better. One way to achieve this is by polishing it. Polished concrete has a wide scope of advantages that you can enjoy. Polishing transforms dirty, grey concrete floors to shiny, brilliant, easy to clean, environment-friendly and long-lasting floors.

Polished concrete is easy to clean. In addition, it gives an elegant and modern vibe to your floors. Also, it has unbeatable durability compared to the unpolished concrete. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and economical for any prospective persons. Although concrete is known to be strong and durable for many years, treating it to a polish is taking it to the next level. However, choose professional concrete contractors for clean, well-polished concrete.


Over the years, plain slabs have serves as the flooring material for garages, basements, patios and utility areas. However, concrete floors are quickly gaining fame amongst Concrete contractors. To people who consider concrete as a utilitarian surface for driveways and sidewalks, you will be shocked to realize that it is being used for flooring in the construction industry. Concrete is durable, easy to maintain, environment-friendly, versatile and most importantly, has a flexible design. With all these advantages, you can now understand why builders are shifting from slabs to concrete.

Over and above all these, concrete is made using naturally found sand, stones, and cement. Therefore, it is cheaper and more affordable.


Despite concrete being a traditional material for building patios, it is the most versatile option available. It is smooth and clean. Additionally, it can be formed into shapes and curvilinear. With an additional tint, you can easily get rid of the classic light grey color it has. With expert help from John & Sons Home Remodeling, concrete patios become cheap to build.

Concrete patios offer performance and durability. With our extensively experienced technicians, you can easily add a pattern or a texture to your patio. From simple broom sweep to intense designs, we have got you covered.


For a beautiful structure, the mixing, transporting and handling of concrete should be coordinated with the placing and finishing. Depending on the service use, visible concrete on the driveways, highways, and patios need finishing. Usually, there are many options to choose from. Painting and adding texture are some of the inventive ways for concrete finishing. You can strike off or screed your concrete for proper contours and elevation. Additionally, bull floating is important as it eliminates the high and low spots. It also embeds aggregate particles immediately after strike off.

Have a beautiful and elegant concrete structure. Call us today for any concrete works around your home.

Concrete patios offer performance and durability. With our extensively experienced technicians, you can easily add a pattern or a texture to your patio. From simple broom sweep to intense designs, we have got you covered.