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Painting is the practice of applying paint pigments on a solid surface. Usually, painting is done as a finishing touch to constructions and walls. Painting is also applied in renovations too. When you choose to repaint your wall, it is important that you select the right paint. Also, make a point of clearing the dust off the walls. You could use a towel or vacuum cleaner. This is an important step as it leaves your walls clean, making your paint shiny and smooth. Painting can be hard without the right equipment. Additionally, it tends to be rough without the use of the right paint brushes. Since it is a one-time activity, hiring painting contractors can save you a lot of money. At John & Sons Home Remodeling, As the best painting contractors over and beyond CA, we report for duty with all types of brushes, for the different painting requirements.

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At John & Sons Home Remodeling, we have highly trained and experienced painting contractors. They work in the property maintenance sector. We specialize in the painting of different types of buildings, be it residential or commercial. Whether you want your apartment, factory, office, retail outlet or house painted, we have got you covered.
Before performing any construction work to improve your property, John & Sons Home Remodeling ensures that all our employees have licenses. This way, you can trust us to offer you authorized and licensed painting works. Our technicians undergo intensive training to make sure they get the coats laid down right.


As usual, before you start any painting work, always clean your canvas. In this case, wood. When painting wood, there is an option of doing it yourself or calling for professional help. If your wooden surface is taller than you can reach, then you might want to involve a professional who has the right tools to make the work easier.
Experts from John & Sons Home Remodeling take their time in preparing the wood for painting. This way, your paint will not fill in cracks, dents, holes, and other crevices. Among the preparation procedure, removing old paint is basic. Then, you can fill the dings and deep gouges with quality wood puffs. Thereafter, sand the surface to make it smooth and finish off with finer sandpaper for perfection.
We then clean the dust off the wood, dry it and paint as desired.


Waterproof paints are usually applied to protect your house or structure form environmental problems. Also, they increase the life of the product shine. With the use of modern technology, at John & Sons Home Remodeling, we are now able to showcase our talent. With the high VOC paints, you get to use water-based, but completely waterproof paints for your home, office, outdoor space or walls.
There are many waterproof paints that we use. The best types of paints we use include masonry paint, epoxy paints, acrolein elasticized paint, and acrylic paint. Waterproof paints are elastic. Therefore, they can easily expand without breaking. This way, they lock moisture out and prevent peeling, thus offering your structures protection and soft painting.


Polychromatic paint is usually applied in new or renovated automobiles. Since they reveal the contour of bodyworks more than the non-metallic, they are more commonly used on cars. The metallic paint reflects sunlight and creates a layer of color and shimmer as it contains bits of powdered metal. Additionally, the metallic paints hold up better finishing than the regular paint.
Although the metallic paint is favorable for vehicles, they tend to have deeper scratches and dents. In addition, they come in a small color range and tend to be pricier than the standard paint.
Applying metallic paint requires special equipment. Therefore, involving a professional is imminent. At John & Sons Home Remodeling, we offer metallic painting service that is quality, durable, smooth and most importantly, affordable.


Different paints fulfill different purposes. For example, interior paints are made to withstand scrubbing, staining and allow cleaning. On the other hand, exterior paints are made for combat, to resist fading and growth of mold and mildew. Since paint comprises pigments, solvents, additives and resins, the exterior and interior paints have different combinations of each product.
The main difference between the interior and exterior paint is their choice of resin. The exterior paint has resins that allow it to withstand high temperature and exposure to moisture. Therefore, it is tougher and more resistant to peeling. On the other hand, since temperatures are a non-issue, the interior paints have more rigid binding resins. Consequently, it cuts down on scuffing and smearing.
There are many paints in the market for different purposes. Without the right advice, you might end up spending more on repainting in the future. That is why it is highly advisable that you contact painting contractors for such services. At John & Sons Home Remodeling, we have highly trained and experienced experts who will make your painting, whether on walls or cars memorable.