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Home upgrades are common. Most of the time, you are either upgrading due to functionality or aesthetic reasons. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, a great deal of thought should go into the fine aspects to stay within the budget. The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home because people gather to talk and eat and because of that, remodeling it could give your home that extra spice to invigorate it even more. At John and Sons Home Remodeling Bay Area, we are the best company for kitchen remodeling in Bay area. We make sure that clients get the best value in the remodeling aspects of their home such as the kitchen.


Remodeling the kitchen is actually according to a home owner’s priorities, choices or preferences. While some clients might only need new cabinet and fixture fittings, others need a complete overhaul of the kitchen. Since the kitchen is such a sacred part of the home, we ensure that we only have professionals on the team. Those who have the skills and expertise, and the experience which all-in-all means they can handle the project really well. Also, that they have seen all the challenges that come with the job and solve them beforehand.

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Solar panels came out several years ago with the promise of harnessing the sun’s energy to use it for our needs instead of relying on other sources of power. And that is what they have been doing year in-year out. Today, solar panels are more efficient than they have ever been. In the times where the sun comes out a lot, solar panels can be the solution to high electricity bills while reducing the impact of your home to the environment. Most noteworthy, installing solar panels in bay area is a step forward toward energy independence. Looking at the energy bills from a home using solar panels and one without, you quickly realize how crucial solar panels are and how they could be helping you save. Once you have made the decision, you simply need a reliable company to supply the solar panels and properly install them.


Solar panels can greatly benefit a home. While the initial cost of purchase is not small, the difference can be felt almost immediately when the bills come in. most solar panels today have a 30+ year warranty. Meaning that the product has been built to be strong and take the elements’ abuse. Also, solar panels are a good alternative source of energy since they require very little maintenance to stay in top shape. When you install solar panels in Bay Area for home, you earn tax rebates and credits. Importantly, the solar panels are paying you. To begin with, you receive 30 percent of the total costs incurred from installation and equipment purchase as a federal income tax credit. Meaning, for a system that costs $9000, you will save $2700.


At John and Sons Home Remodeling, we strive to sell our customers only the very best solar panels their money can buy. We make sure that every solar panel going out of our warehouse is fully functional, offering the best service possible. We supply the best solar panels in the area. Also, we have handy technicians ready to take on the set up and installation for you. When you get your solar panels in Bay Area from us, you can be guaranteed that it’s a great solar panel which will do well under the harshest of conditions. In fact, don’t compromise on quality. Our commitment is to ensure that our solar panels can sustain the pressure caused by wind, hail, snow, chemical residue and other elements outside. Certainly, solar panels will help save money from the day you install and continue providing the same savings over decades.


Solar panel efficiency is usually dependent on several external factors. Although the sun produces 100% energy, solar panels are only able to convert about 15-22% of total sun power into energy that you can use in the household. To determine efficiency, these panels operate at standard conditions. Under these conditions, a solar panel with about 15% efficiency is likely to produce 150 Watts. At John and Sons Home Remodeling, we make sure that we provide you with the most efficient panels to power your home.


Proper solar panels in Bay Area installation demands a certified professional perform the installations. That will ensure that we install and fix the solar panels in the best angle for contact with the sun. Before engaging a company for the job, here are a few things you should be looking out for;


Unlike many of the competition, we have gone through all the hoops and receive proper certifications for the handling, installing and repair of solar panels.


A professional will always provide references where they have work before so that you can get a feel that the person is qualified for the job.


Before accepting any deal, also enquire about the warranty  the manufacturer offers for the solar panels you want. On average, the manufacturers dish out about 30 years warranty meaning that you’ll be cover should anything happen within that time.

Fair prices

We know that you work very hard for your money and for that reason we won’t fleece you. All our solar panels are sold fairly to afford everyone the opportunity to own them and enjoy the benefits.