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Home Remodeling in San Jose

Everyone’s home is sacred to them. This is why most people try their best to keep their home looking good to the best of their abilities. Statistics have shown that many home owners will remodel their home within two years of purchasing it. Home remodeling in San Jose is not a new or strange affair. In fact, Residents do a lot of remodeling so that the home can best serve them without getting in their way. Although a home owner might think a property is perfect, with time, you see things that could have been done differently and finally decide to move on it. Although some people prefer to do the remodeling themselves, you can always have professionals do the job. At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling San Jose, we make sure we complete every job to the client’s satisfaction before moving forward.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Bathroom Design in San Jose

Investing in your home is a great way to fix what was broken in your home while also increasing its value at the same time. Since the bathrooms are a crucial aspect of the home, you might decide to remodel so that you can have better functionality and design all through. Although not one of the cheapest rooms to remodel, the end result really does pay off. Handling bathroom remodels should always be done by a professional. Although choosing the job as a DIY might save you some change, it cannot bring the desired result. We shall first let you speak to our architect who will create all the bathroom designs incorporating all the changes you want. In the end, you will create a more efficient use of space than before.  If you need someone to the job right the first time, we are the solution.

Kitchen Remodeling in San Jose

Kitchen remodeling is one of the very first home improvement projects people of San Jose choose to do soon after they purchase the home. Apart from making it incredibly simple to move around and get things done at home, remodeling also increases the property value. Remodeling also makes the kitchen aesthetically pleasing which is a huge win for the home owners. At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling in San Jose, we know that you want the kitchen to look exactly as it did in your mind. That is why we have a licensed professional doing the remodeling. We make sure the project takes its course to the end ensuring that no mistakes will be made through the project.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Pools & Spas

Pools & Spas Design in Bay Area

The dream of every home owner is to have their very own spa and pool. When it comes to recreation at home, nothing quite says it like a spa and a pool. With these two, families can have plenty of recreational activities together without worrying about interruptions from outside. Building a pool and a spa are big projects. Not only do they increase property values tremendously, they also provide residents with a feel of nice relaxing activities at home. Our certified professionals create the best spa and pool designs in the entire San Jose region to create a sense of pride in our customers for having a one of a kind spa or pool.

Landscape Design in San Jose

People have different ideas about how their perfect backyard looks like. While some prefer a fire pit surrounded by comfortable seats, others prefer a garden with beautiful flowers. Landscapes need a lot of work before they bend to the will of the home owner. As such, having the services of a professional guarantees success and a more beautiful landscape than it would if you were working with amateurs. In San Jose, we provide the best of landscape design to fill your compound with beauty, elegance and sophistication.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Architectural Plan
& 3D Design

Architectural Plan & 3D Design in Bay Area

Architects are the cornerstone of all the building we have done over the years. With their input, we are able to tell whether or not the buildings meet city codes and regulations, while also figuring out the cost of entire projects before they start. At home, an architect is instrumental in the success of any building project. Some remodeling efforts require knowledge only an architect possesses. The architect can know using the 3D models whether a project is safe or not. Whether it needs additional reinforcements or not. A professional team such as ourselves will provide you every architectural plan and 3D design before construction begins.

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