Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Home Remodeling in Mountain-view CA

Home Remodeling in Mountain-View CA

Remodeling a home is not an easy job. Given all the aspects that have to be taken under consideration, it’s important to have the right people handling the jobs. Instead of moving out to find a better house, it’s better to remodel and make the one you have better. As such, it makes a lot of sense to have your best foot forward here which means enlisting the services of a professional. Not only do professionals have the knowledge and experience to make the project a success, they can also get it done much faster. At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling Mountain-View CA, we know that it’s not just the final product we are selling. We will sit down with you and get to know what you would love your new home to look and feel so that we can get you there as soon as possible.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Bathroom Design in Mountain-View CA

Given the bathroom’s significance and importance in the household, it’s no question why many Americans decide to remodel their bathrooms as soon as possible. Consulting a professional such as ourselves in this situation is the best thing to do. Professionals handle a lot more than the construction work. True professionals handle all matters such as organization and planning, material sourcing and coming up with the perfect bathroom design. Since different people want different things, we make sure to get your input throughout the entire project so that it’s perfect for you.

Kitchen Remodeling in Mountain-View CA

Remodeling the kitchen is one of the bigger home improvement project home owners can take on. Apart from making it incredibly simple to move around and get things done at home, remodeling also increases the property value. Kitchen Remodeling also makes the kitchen aesthetically pleasing which is a huge win for the home owners. Our team of professionals is fully equipped with the technology and manpower to remodel your kitchen in the shortest amount of time. Engaging a professional allows you to have a more supervisory role in the project as you see how the project unravels.  At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling Mountain-View CA, we take charge of the entire project because we want it to be perfect. Remodeling the kitchen will see you get better space and arrangement of items that will result to greater productivity in the kitchen.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Pools & Spas

Pools & Spas Design in Bay Area

A pool or a spa at home are the ultimate recreational amenities right at home. The good thing about having your own, is that you can enjoy them in the privacy of your own home without worrying about any strangers and the general public. At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling Mountain-View CA, we ensure you get the best pools & spas design is all of Mountain-View CA.  There are many types of pools and spas. The one you choose will largely dictate the prices, use and the technology for construction. There are above ground pools and the other in-ground ones. The ones above ground are made using resin, steel or aluminum sidings together with vinyl liners. As for the in-ground ones, you can have some made of fiberglass, concrete and vinyl.

Landscape Design in San Jose

Your landscape at home can be a source of great pride or shame. Having a beautiful landscape warms the heart and makes you proud of what you have accomplished in your home. Landscape Design is all about figuring out what you want to do with a particular space and then shaping the environment how you want it. People have many ideas about what kind of a landscape they want. However, not all sorts of landscapes can be done on every yard. You should always consider the conditions of the yard, the activities to be held there, the level of maintenance you need and how to complement the landscape to your home. A professional will help you figure all that out.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Architectural Plan
& 3D Design

Architectural Plan & 3D Design in Bay Area

Any sort of building requires the expertise of an architect. Not only do architects design structures that are within all rule and guidelines for safety and security. An architectural plan & 3D design are crucial for any major home remodeling. These show us where we are building towards and the 3D model shows us what to expect and also helps visualize projects better to prevent problems and come up with working solutions.

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