Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Home Remodeling in San Jose, CA

Home Remodeling in San Jose

We all value our homes very much. So much so, that most times people don’t want to move unless they really have to. When people get a good house in a good neighborhood, close to work and good schools, they’ll tend to want to remain in that location for as long as possible. Instead of selling your home and searching for a better one, it’s easier to remodel. Remodeling breathes new life into the house by expanding living spaces, adding beauty, versatility and functionality to the living space currently available. While it might be satisfying to complete refacing kitchen cabinets, replacing flooring and painting walls, a professional is able to do that and so much more. At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling in San Jose, we make sure that your home remodeling in San Jose works out perfectly.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Bathroom Design in San Jose

Bathrooms are very important to us. No matter the house, the bathroom is either a source of pride or shame in the home. Remodeling the bathroom is a major undertaking. Although bathrooms might be as small as a closet or as large as a living room, it’s important to know how bathroom remodeling adds functionality and style to the bathroom. For people with small bathrooms, a remodel can do you a lot of good because it will help you design the bathroom with the aim of maximizing available space. At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling in San Jose, we ensure that we provide you with the best in bathroom designs to bring your dream bathroom to life.

Kitchen Remodeling in San Jose

Home owners tend to be very sentimental to the kitchen. And with good reason. The amount of time and conversations that happen in a household over the kitchen are very many. A good kitchen offers the owner freedom and ease to be able to prepare any of their favorite foods. Kitchen Remodeling allows for the owner to personalize the kitchen and really make it interesting. Since some people have a particular image they want to bring to life, our architects and contractors will help you get there. Kitchen renovations are also a good way of increasing your property’s value were you to put it on the market. If you are interested in kitchen remodeling, contact us today.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Pools & Spas

Pools & Spas Design in Bay Area

Relaxing and recovery is very important for human beings. Studies have shown that taking some downtime every now and then actually helps improve performance. At home, a spa and a pool are some of the more common ways for people in San Jose to relax and unwind. Pools and spas are a lot of work. So you need a professional company to take care of the whole building process. At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling in San Jose, we know that you want the best pool or spa your budget can allow. For this reason, we use our wealth of knowledge and experience to get you the best deals on materials needed for the projects without compromising on structural integrity or build quality. With your gorgeous pool, you can have parties, socialize and just relax.

Landscape Design in San Jose

Landscapes can be quite breathtaking. Most landscapes are usually left unkempt which then portrays disorder and a feeling of unkemptness. A beautiful landscape is very welcoming. Apart from stimulating the eyes, a great landscape also means adding value to your property. When it comes time to sell, you can be sure that a home with a great landscape has a lot more potential clients than the one without. Apart from that, a beautiful landscape also makes relaxation that much simpler. If you like silence accompanied by fresh air and tranquility, you need to get the services of a professional landscaper. They will listen to you and place your ideas on paper from which the construction crews can take over. A great landscape makes it a lot easier to create a social backyard.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Architectural Plan
& 3D Design

Architectural Plan & 3D Design in Bay Area

Before you build anything, it’s important to always engage the services of an architect. Not only are they responsible for the sketches, they are critical in advising on matters materials and design choices. Attaining an architectural plan is crucial to the success of any building or remodeling efforts. We then use 3D design to get a realistic 3D model of the final product so that we can identify problems early and act on them.

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