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Home Remodeling in San Jose

A person’s home is their refuge. Where they go after a long day of work to relax and be with the people they love. After many people buy their new home, they often want to change things up a bit to increase comfort, usability and maximize on available space. That is why home remodeling in Saratoga CA is so important. Remodeling the home gives the home owners to really make the home their s by remaking it into what they want. Since home remodeling is not a small home improvement project, you need a real professional heading the task force. A professional will be able to help you navigate the waters of home remodeling so that you can do it right the first time.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Bathroom Design in Saratoga CA

Bathrooms are a major part of the house. For many people, the size and design of a bathroom can determine whether or not you purchase a house. However, all bathrooms have potential to become beautiful and super functional. Choosing to remodel the bathroom allows the homeowner to personalize the bathroom as much as they want to. As such, it might include adding or removing something. Because most of the time the whole bathroom needs to be re-done, proper bathroom designs must be drawn by an architect. That will guarantee the safety of the whole structure as a whole. You can sit with us and tell us what you want your bathroom to look and feel like and we shall then bring your ideas to life.

Kitchen Remodeling in Saratoga CA

Remodeling the kitchen is one of the very first home improvement projects home owners embark on as soon as they can in their new or older homes. In many modern homes with open planning, the kitchen is positioned in a way that you can see it from various angles of the home. For this reason, it pays to have a kitchen that’s not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye. Kitchen remodeling requires the skill and finesse of a professional such as ourselves at Morris and Sons Home Remodeling in Saratoga CA. Remodeling the kitchen gives homeowners to completely personalize the kitchen according to preference. It also gives them an opportunity to upgrade their appliances accordingly. Getting the services of a professional ensures the project will be carried out according to plan and on budget.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Pools & Spas

Pools & Spas Design in Bay Area

Every home owner’s dream is to have a pool or a spa on their premises. When it comes to recreation at home, nothing quite says it like a spa and a pool. With these two, families can have plenty of recreational activities together without worrying about interruptions from outside. Building a pool and a spa are big projects. Not only do they increase property values tremendously, they also provide residents with a feel of nice relaxing activities at home. Once the professionals you have engaged us, we will sit with an architect where we shall cover pools & spas designs and come up with something you will love. We shall take care of everything concerning the project. Your role will be a supervisory one to see how the project is coming along and suggest alterations where necessary

Landscape Design in San Jose

We know that you deeply value your surroundings. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that beautiful landscapes can be therapeutic since they are calming. Your landscape is what you make of it. If you want a beautiful landscape, you will have to engage the services of a professional landscape designer. With the right kind of assistance, a boring old backyard can be turned into a lively garden with flowers and fountains in a matter of weeks. At Morris and Sons Home Remodeling in Saratoga CA, we ensure that we provide the best landscape design in Saratoga CA for the joy of our clients is our satisfaction.

Home Remodeling in San Francisco


Home Remodeling in San Francisco

Architectural Plan
& 3D Design

Architectural Plan & 3D Design in Bay Area

Architects are the cornerstone of all the building we have done over the years. Without their input, we wouldn’t know whether structures have been built or designed according to code and with the necessary safety requirements observed. Before undertaking any major project at home, relevant architectural plans must be sought to keep both the structural and functional requirements present trough the project.


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