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Patio covers are backyard shades that are attached to a house. The roof of the patio depends on what level of protection you desire. You can decide to have an open patio or a solid one. However, it is a task that requires skilled professionals for the best outcome. You will have to decide on the design and style. In fact, many homeowners in Bay Area decide to locate their patio cover right off their back door. As a result, it serves as an extension of their living space. John and Sons Home Remodeling will get you the best patio specialist that will come to your house or home. They will advice you on where to build your cover to have the best shade. Certainly, there are commonplaces for a cover, they include a dining area, a patio, an outdoor fireplace, a built-in grill and other places.


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In addition to valuing the opinion and choice to the kind of patio you desire we also involve you in the patio design process. Before designing the patio cover for our clients, we will always visit you at your home and have a good look at the design of the house. Consider both the front yard and backyard for effective patio cover designing. Further, we will take your idea of how you want the patio cover to be built and the size of the patio you want. The size of the patio is totally dependent on the area you wish to protect or cover. When designing the patio cover that will accommodate the patio furniture and dining. It is important that you design the posts being wide enough that people can walk around the furniture.

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It is important to design the height of the patio from eight to twelve feet tall. The taller the patio is, the less protection and cover it will offer against elements. However, the lower a patio is the more cramped it will feel. Our patio designer will advise you on the appropriate height and length of the patio according to the landscape of the compound and the architecture of the house.

Open and solid patio covers offer a different level of protection.  An open roof patio allows light to filter through creating a patio shaded area. A solid roof, on the other hand, will block all light and rain. In most cases, the solid patio is made of aluminum.

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Our décor specialist will bring life, color, and even comfort to a plain patio with achievable projects and versatile furniture. It is important for you to let your personal style to spread to your outdoor space. Your outdoor space should feel as comfortable as your indoor space. You can add to your patio décor by bringing a rug out to make sure your guests are comfortable and love the environment. Even more, move your indoor furniture and accessories outside as you will be making your patio an extension of how you live. Moreover, decide to add some personal touches by throwing some blankets on the chairs that are on the patio. Importantly, you can also add some pictures and/or even a lantern.

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When the weather is pleasant and warm in the Bay Area there is nothing satisfying and enjoyable like having your meal outside. With the best ideas from our outdoor kitchen design team, you will be able to get that dream outdoor kitchen. We will make sure that you prepare and enjoy your food under the sun or during the night when you can enjoy the beautiful stars under beautifully set patio covers in Bay Area. Most noteworthy, we will transform your backyard and give new life to your backyard barbecue with creative outdoor kitchen design ideas that will make it the best chill spot in the neighborhood.

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It is crystal clear that John and Sons Home Remodeling is the best company for patio covers in Bay Area. Make a date with us and we will give you that dream patio that always cross your mind.