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Home upgrades are common. Most of the time, you are either upgrading due to functionality or aesthetic reasons. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, a great deal of thought should go into the fine aspects to stay within the budget. The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home because people gather to talk and eat and because of that, remodeling it could give your home that extra spice to invigorate it even more. At John and Sons Home Remodeling Bay Area, we are the best company for kitchen remodeling in Bay area. We make sure that clients get the best value in the remodeling aspects of their home such as the kitchen.


Remodeling the kitchen is actually according to a home owner’s priorities, choices or preferences. While some clients might only need new cabinet and fixture fittings, others need a complete overhaul of the kitchen. Since the kitchen is such a sacred part of the home, we ensure that we only have professionals on the team. Those who have the skills and expertise, and the experience which all-in-all means they can handle the project really well. Also, that they have seen all the challenges that come with the job and solve them beforehand.

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Small Kitchen Remodeling to Industrial

Kitchens come in various shapes and sizes. However, over the last couple of years, the stripped-back kitchen with clearly glazing stainless steel has captures people’s hearts and is a favorite today. The industrial kitchen is often characterized by exposing brick walls, use of reclaiming wood surfaces and stainless steel, filament light bulbs and ventilation units. For your industrial kitchen to really come alive, you need exclusive experience kitchen remodeling in Bay Area professional to drive the whole makeover.  At John and Sons Home Remodeling Bay Area, we pride ourselves in being able to take on small kitchens and turn them into an awe of industrial nature.

Kitchen remodel design

Most home owner have an idea of what/how they would like for their kitchen to look like in detail. They know that they want a certain flooring in their kitchen among many separate details in the kitchen. John and Sons Home Remodeling Bay Area have 100% dedication in helping all home owners in their design efforts. Our specialists will make sure they have down everything you need for your kitchen to look and work exquisitely. 

Kitchen lighting, cabinets & Appliances.

During the remodeling period, aspects of the kitchen such as the cabinets, appliances and kitchen lighting must come under consideration. For your kitchen to gain the perfect ambiance, proper lighting goes a long way. With kitchen lighting, you have the choice between the LED and Xenon lights. You also have to choose on the cabinet design and position which ideally should help your productivity in the kitchen. We can also help you out in choosing the most appropriate kitchen appliances for your budget but uncompromising in terms of quality.

Kitchen remodel in Bay Area

Kitchen remodeling in Bay Area gives a home owner the opportunity to really personalize the kitchen, improve on the functionality and comfort substantially. Doing the kitchen remodel also helps you to personalize your home and make it your own in more ways than one. Kitchen remodeling in San Jose can only be excellently if our team of personnel carries the entire remodeling. Certainly, they make life in the kitchen very easy for you.

Even more, our contractors carry themselves accordingly, we stick to our deadlines and budgets for various projects ensuring that you don’t spend more than you have to on the kitchen remodeling. Research is a critical component of getting the best out of a kitchen remodeling project. Performing your due diligence on materials among other things means that you will only take what you need. Most importantly, you will know its strengths and weaknesses.

Kitchen remodeling in Bay Area Costs

Kitchen remodeling is considered as one if the big jobs that you can do to a home to increase the beauty and value simultaneously. Given the scale of things, the figure in home décor field has shown that homeowners generally spend between $12,594 to $33,118 for kitchen remodeling needs. However, Kitchen remodeling in Bay area, is usually dependent on the size and materials, fixtures and additions. As for expertise and man-power, every company have their own recipe for that considering their skill and experience.

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