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Pools & Spas Design in Bay Area

Buying a pool is a major home improvement venture. Because of its ramifications on the building’s aesthetics and overall home value, you should take a great deal of thought about it before moving forward. After you have finally decided to make the purchase, you need to find the right person for the job. Finding the right contractor for the job can mean the difference between failure and success. Without assistance from a professional, you will probably end up overpaying for the job getting aspects of the design wrong or even purchasing a pool that will need you to do a lot more maintenance than you prefer. At John and Sons Home Remodeling, we make sure that you get the perfect pools & spas design in Bay Area.

Pools & Spas Design in Bay Area

In-ground Pool Design

An in ground pool is every home-owner’s dream. They are a great spot for people to relax and make memories together. When purchasing one such pool, there are two main important things to look at; the initial cost of purchase and the lifetime cost for pools & spas design in Bay Area. There are three main types of in-ground pool design. These are;


This type of swimming pool is very popular for people in the Bay area because of its durability and the fact that you can create a pool of just about any shape with it. There are several finishes available to complement your backyard. Due to their beauty, durability and versatility, these types of pools are expensive but worth every penny.


This is a strong but lightweight material that creates pools of any size or shape. You can heat these pools and even install lights in case you want to swim at night. You can have a fiberglass installed in a matter of days depending on the electrical and excavation work. Since the surface of fiberglass is smooth, they are very resistant to algae growth and keep pH levels stable.


These pools are very popular due to their durability. Unlike those made of concrete, vinyl pools cannot crack, do not need re-plastering or repainting and is cheaper than other alternatives.

Get the King Spa design

If you want your home spa to look incredible, simply engage us at John and Sons Home Remodeling and we’ll provide you with the very best of king spa designs for you to choose from. These designs incorporate the use of high end materials and design logic to give the home owner the very best experience possible. Having a professional working on your spa will mean that everything will be done right the first time and you will not have to worry about mistakes and having to go over-budget.

Build a Swim Spa at your House

Building a spa at your house today is as easy as pie. Once you have fully committed yourself to the idea, you just have to find a professional who can properly design you the pool you want and carefully implement the designs to give the best pools & spas design in Bay Area. Once you engage us, you will sit with our resident architect and tell us about what sort of pool you need and then we’ll take it from there. Since we have been in this business for the longest time, we shall properly advise you on the materials you need for the project given your budget without compromising on the pool’s structural integrity.

Pool Design Company in Bay Area

When purchasing the in ground swimming pool, you need to consider about design, size and shape and how it will affect your back yard and the cost you will pay for the entire pool. Due to our diligence in advising and building pools & spas in bay area, we have become one of the best pool design companies in the region. We care about every aspect of design because we want to create the best pool for you to use for the longest time. Pool size is crucial since it determines the activities that can happen in the pool, affects the aesthetics of your outdoor space and even elements you can use to spice up the space. Also, we advice our clients on the best technologies to use so that you can keep the pool going stronger for longer.

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