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Room Additions

If you have a small house or are looking to increase the size of your living space, then, room additions is the right solution for you. When you work with John & Sons Home Remodeling, you not only stand to get high quality rooms built using top brand materials, you also experience a convenient working condition. We work round the clock to ensure we only deliver reliable and timely services.

Authorized and licensed by the national construction authorities, you can trust us to actualize your dream. In addition, we are keen on our constructions so that we do not damage your property. Over and above all, we are affordable. Therefore, there is no reason to be stuck in small spaces.


About Room Additions.

Room additions are single rooms built on the side of a current home or structure to fulfill a single purpose. Room additions normally start as ideas and end up being actualized. With the right technical support, you can add a family room, sun room, glass or a living room or a patio room. Normally, the added rooms acquire a flat or shed style roof.

With state of the art equipment and many years of experience up our sleeves, we have a reputable name in the market. Without compromising your current living situation, we can easily add an extra room to your home. At affordable prices, we can add:

Sunroom Additions.

A solarium is a glassed-in living space, usually accessible from indoors. Usually, it has a design that allows for additional living space during mild weathers. However, during the winters, it may be too cold and during the summer, it may be too hot.  Despite these comebacks, a sunroom is a great additional living space as it offers the best view of the foyer and sunsets.

Before building a sunroom, determine the optimum location. This way, you get the maximum output from your planned investment. Also, take time to understand the components that go into the room. This helps you to determine the type of room you want. If this is stressful, there is no need to fuss about it. Experts from John & Sons Home Remodeling are ready to help you assess your home and determine the best type of room to install as your room addition.

Family room additions

If you want a cozy family room in your house, why not add one? family rooms look a lot like the sunrooms. They are fitted with an air conditioning system.  Therefore, you can use them all year round. When working with experts from John & Sons Home Remodeling, you don’t need to stress about the planning and blueprints to your new room. This is because we have got it covered.

With highly trained experts with technical and industrial experience, we provide the best plan that will definitely match with your current home. Our plans are considerate of cost and time it will take to finish the constriction. Whether you need a 12’* 25′ family room or an 18’*18′ family blueprint, we have you covered.

Glass room additions

Glass rooms are usually rooms that are made of glass. The entire wall is glass. Therefore, it transparent from floor to ceiling, with the walls, doors, and roof all made of glass. It is usually built to take in the sun whenever possible. Unlike the sunroom, the glass room is made entirely of glass. Therefore, the sun it receives beats down hard on the room. It is also considered to be separate from the main house.

If you want to have one put up for you, be keen to employ authorized and licensed contractors. Therefore, you will have gurus working with you. With John & Sons Home Remodeling, our experts have the experience to deal with glass. Therefore, you can rely on us to add that glass room you always wanted.

Living room additions

If you have a big family, then you might need some extra space. With a living room addition, the worries about limited space in your home become insignificant. This is because, with a family room, you get some extra space to host guests. Additionally, the living room increases the comfort of your home. Moreover, by investing in a living room addition, you increase the value of your home. Not only does the efficiency of your home shoot up but also it provides a cheaper option than moving.

Patio room additions

Working with an expert to create a patio room for your home is a wise investment. You get the best results from the job. You actualize your dream of having a bigger and more comfortable living space. With the help of whizzes from John & Sons Home Remodeling, you can easily create additional space.

Most noteworthy about John & Sons Home Remodeling is that we are affordable, reliable, highly experienced and fully equipped. Therefore, hire us today and have some peace of mind and better homes.

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